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Hello,  My name is Yanina! 

I am an English teacher from Ukraine.  

I have 5 years experience teaching children and adults English online and in the public school.   My focus is speaking and pronunciation.   I look forward to meeting you in my lessons!   See you soon! 

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My history

I am an English teacher from Ukraine. I have experience working at school for 5 years and working with kids for 10 years. I love my profession, I place great emphasis on speaking and pronunciation and making my students feel capable. For me it is very important the atmosphere of the lesson, and your convenience. I follow my students through the process of learning and loving a new language. My specialty is teaching teenagers who are preparing for exams, people who are looking for new jobs and/or who just want to start a new life.  My passion is teaching. I am available

Monday / Wednesday 11:00-17:00 (Madrid time )


I am always interested in meeting new people and opening the door to new opportunities.       

Feel free to contact me for lessons.

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