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Peace Protest
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Teachers for Peace is a volunteer organization aimed at helping kids and families in Ukraine suffering from war invasion. We offer a variety of free online classes for all ages - languages, art, yoga, cooking and more.

This is a place where children can find classes and activities to lighten their day. A place where mothers can trust their children are being entertained, distracted, and occupied doing an educational, healthy activity.

We have over 45 official teachers from  20 countries all around the world and over 1000 students in Ukraine and abroad.

Our Classes and Teachers

This initiative has grown and blossomed,through the devastation of this barbaric war in Ukraine, into a beautiful community of women who have come together to support and empower each other in this time of change and uncertainty.  

Our goal is to support the women and  the children by giving them free lessons in a variety of subjects from languages to arts and crafts, yoga and self care.  We are a community of supporting, qualified and caring teachers from around the world including teachers from war affected areas who come together to share their skills, knowledge and ability so that everyone in our community can feel confident and able to handle anything that comes their way.


We aim to build a safe place where women can share knowledge and skills with those in need and also showcase their classes in order to monetize, rebuild, and survive.  

What we do:

 1) Free classes for women and children from Ukraine .




​2) We connect you to teachers so that you can

 "show your support by learning something new" 

       by paying for the lessons or donating directly to the teacher you are helping her and her family directly.  - there is no middle man.  

              Our teachers are a mix of passionate, qualified women.  They come from all parts of the world including war torn areas.  War should not get in the way of disrupting any childs education. It is with a magnitude of gratitude that Teachers of Peace is able to achieve it's mission.

Support the teachers of teachers for peace.

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Reinforcing our Commitment

One Step at a Time

Nothing teaches hope, kindness, courage and compassion like helping others.

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